Get Help with Your Roofing Insurance Claim Process

A house is the greatest asset most of us have. As such, we should always try to take preventive measures to protect the house from any kind of damage. However, sometimes the weather conditions get severe and the home (particularly the roof) gets damaged from strong winds, hail or other kinds of harsh weather. This makes home insurance a necessity for your home to cover for damages in the unfortunate case the above disasters strike.

Wind, hail and storm damages are a loss on your homeowner’s insurance policy. The insurance company is required to pay the entire cost minus your deductible for repairing and replacing all the problems associated with the roof. Also, an insurance company should not use such disasters to raise your rates as they are considered natural disasters which should not count against you personally.

In addition to being the best roof repair and installation contractors around, we are also well versed in residential and commercial insurance work. We understand that going through the insurance claim process is a very difficult process. It is for this reason that we decided to help our clients with roofing insurance claim process.

What we do

To start of the process, we advise you to contact us the morning after a storm has passed through your area and you suspect it has damaged your roof. We will send our technicians to come and assess the roof damage if any. If the damage is significant, then we will advise you to file an insurance claim. Before filing any claims, it is important to understand your deductibles as agreed upon by the insurance company. Deductibles vary from one insurance company to another. You should understand your responsibility for the deductible before filing the claims.

The next logical step is to contact your insurance company to come and assess your damage. This assessment is similar to the one we perform. After the assessment, we will ask you to serve us with a copy of your insurance adjuster’s summary report. We then go through the report to review the adjuster’s scope of work. We check all measurements to ensure damages have been fairly evaluated and that they are accurately reported.

Shortly after the adjuster’s assessment, the insurance company normally sends a check of the amount needed to rectify the damages. We will analyze this paperwork and advise you whether it is accurate considering the damages. Here, we give our clients reliable professional advice as well as help minimize overwhelming aspects of the claim process.

Once the insurance company approves the claim, a homeowner has a set time frame within which the repairs must be made. Our roofing technicians will advise you on the materials needed for the roof repairs or replacement. In case your house has a mortgage, the insurance check will require approval from your mortgage company.

We are here to assist you as much as we can. We will help you handle the entire process from the initial assessment to carrying out the final repairs. Therefore, contact us today to see how we can help you in either filing your insurance claim or in repairing or replacing your roof.

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